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Established in 2018, RSN is an top  Accounting &Auditing  Company in Dubai that has quickly gained recognition for its reliable and beneficial consulting services.RSN has become a trusted provider of specialised and tailored Accounting Services in Dubai. Their expertise helps companies excel in the challenges they face in today’s constantly shifting business environment. RSN’s commitment to delivering high-quality services has attracted a steady flow of clients from across the country. Whether you need assistance with financial management, tax planning, bookkeeping or CFO services, RSN is the go-to Accounting Company in Dubai that can meet your needs.

RSN has also collaborated with other management consultancy firms to work on local government projects.

With headquarters instituted in U.A.E, RSN is slowly expanding into the Indian subcontinent.

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Milestones -Accounting Company in Dubai

RSN was launched
(May 2018)

Dubai branch was opened
(October 2018)​

First 100 Projects Completed
(February 2019)​

Our own 5-Member Team
(July 2019)​

250 Projects Delivered
(November 2019)

Our First 100 Clients Served
(July 2020)

500 Assignments Concluded
(August 2020)

A 10-Member Team
(October 2020)

And many more to come...

Harness the benefits of our professional bookkeeping services in Dubai and watch your business thrive

Why You Need Our Accounting Services in Dubai

cfo services in dubai UAE

Why You Need Accounting Services in Dubai is a question many new businesses setting up in Dubai ask. If you have an international business, it makes sense to look at an accountancy services provider who can help your business grow and expand in this ever-growing financial hub of the world. There are many reasons why you might want to consider accounting services in Dubai. RSN, an Accounting service, provides you with all necessary information relating to your company through tax records and banking details. All of this helps you to increase your cash flow which increases the overall profit of your business. 

Looking for expert corporate tax services in Dubai?

Our services

What Services We Offer

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Smart accounting and bookkeeping allow you to use your company’s historical financial records to help study the current position of your company.

Tax Consultation

The U.A.E government’s introduction of the ‘Value Added Tax’ (VAT) in 2018 is a major reform that companies need to be familiar with as it impacts their business.


When your company grows alongside the economy, it is advisable to have a financial advisor to give direction to the monetary requirements of the company in an expert style.

Company Formation

Company formation in United Arab Emirates is rising with increasing swiftness, and companies require a more professional approach in handling the establishment.

Corporate Finance Advisory

As one of the most important aspects of any business, new or old, corporate finance addresses the issues of funding requirement and investment advisory.

Our Power in Numbers

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Ashish Katon
Ashish Katon

I was facing a lot of issues to manage my accounting and bookkeeping in UAE. But after take a demo service from RSN consultancy, I have taken their services. It helps my business grow and keep all the records of my business account up to the mark and also helps me to follow all the guidelines provided by the government.

Rajesh Chhatlani
Rajesh Chhatlani

There are a team of experts. Very meticulous in their approach to whatever job they undertake. I will recommend them always.

Hitesh Tolani
Hitesh Tolani

Wow, I never realised how much I needed to outsource bookkeeping services until I met RNS Consultancy. Extremely professional, timely reports and lovely service.

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