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The UAE Freezones are not only the most popular free zones in the world, but they are relatively the easiest to set up a business in. The UAE mainland’s FTZs (Free Trade Zones) are physically defined zones with lower taxes, lower employment limitations, lower import-export restrictions, and lower administrative requirements, making them the preferred location for foreign investors. For entrepreneurs wishing to launch their businesses in a friendly setting, Dubai’s Freezones  offers a distinct and enticing option. Moreso, entrepreneurs can accurately estimate their operating costs in a Freezone.

Are you ready to establish your business in the UAE with flexibility and ease? RSN Finance is your dedicated partner for Freezone Business Setup, providing a seamless and efficient path to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. RSN Finance has a history of successful business setups, earning a reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.

Types of Freezone Corporate Entities

Knowing the many forms of corporate entities and which one best suits your business activity is one of the things to know throughout the setup process. In the UAE, there are two distinct types of Freezone corporate entities. They are:

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Benefits of UAE Freezone Company Formation

Setting up a business in the UAE gifts you nice benefits such as:

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Step by Step Freezone Company Formation Process

To establish a business in the UAE, you need to complete these important steps. They include:

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Required Documents

Documents required before establishing a Dubai Free Zone business are:

Application for a licence.

An identity card.

Cost of the business strategy.

AOA (Articles of Association) and MOA (Memorandum of Association)

Copies of passports.

If necessary, include a banking reference and the licence for the partners' current business.

Business Activities and Licencing

Our business activities in RSN includes:

We assist our clients with opening their bank accounts.

We offer ideas on how to pick the right free zone to our clients.

We provide excellent ways to help clients complete their company registration

We guide clients during the first step of establishing their firm by providing administrative support

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Benefits of UAE Free Zone Company Formation

Setting up a business in the UAE gifts you nice benefits such as:

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Benefits :

1. Assured Full Ownership:

Specialists with expertise in fundraising of more than AED 1.5 Billion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Freezones  are business locations where goods and services can be traded at reduced tax and customs rates.

The best Freezone for your business will typically depend on the sector in which it operates. Each free zone typically concentrates on a single industry. This is advantageous because it encourages cooperation and the exchange of resources and assistance among businesses operating in the same Freezone.

No, using a Freezone firm only allows you to conduct business inside the Freezone's boundaries or outside the United Arab Emirates.

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