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How to Select the Right VAT Consultants in Dubai?

One of the most worrying tasks for any big or small organization is finance and taxes! The right decision and guidance can grow the business ten folds whereas a wrong one can drown the ship. We at RSN Consultancy ensure and strive for the growth and prosperity of our clients.

With the introduction of VAT in Dubai in 2018, the government and the general public have benefited extensively. However, the business class has to now deal with one more tax. And this is where VAT consultants come to the rescue. But, this also means an increase in the number of consultants talking about being the best in VAT. But how would you know which consultant is beneficial for your requirements?

To solve this question, we share some of the things to keep in mind while selecting VAT Consultants in Dubai. But before that, let us check-in and understand a little more about VAT.

Value-added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied across 150 countries. VAT is charged on most supplies of goods and services that are bought and sold at each step of the “supply chain.” A business pays the government the tax that it collects from the customers. At the same time, it may also receive a refund from the government on tax that it has paid to its suppliers. The net result is that tax receipts to the government reflect the “value add” throughout the supply chain. Currently, the VAT rate is 5%.

How to Select the Right VAT Consultants in Dubai
Now that we understand VAT let us move ahead and look at the points to consider while choosing the right VAT Consultants in Dubai.


  1. Scope of services: With VAT consultants in dubai being a relatively new concept in GCC, it is advisable to consult the specialists like RSN Consultancy to deal with the recent changes in the tax system. A typical expert consultant should provide registration, computation, refund consultancy, deregistration, etc.

  2. Knowledge of tax laws: VAT consultants in dubai familiar with international tax computation and regulations are the best choice for companies with overseas operations. A thorough understanding of the process helps avoid unwanted mistakes, errors, omissions leading to fines.

  3. Industry experience: Though the taxes levied might be the same across the country, every industry has a unique working style. As a result, hiring a consultant with considerable experience in the industry with a strong finance background can execute planning and reporting better constantly to be compliant with the laws and taxes.

  4. Impact analysis: A skilled consultant can analyze the impact of taxes like VAT on the overall business, including the company’s cash flow, expenses, and operations.

  5. Due diligence: The features like human capital, company processes, cost estimation, compliance, and changes in the accounting system are part of the due diligence that sets the standard for the organization and keep them compliant.

  6. Licensed: To gain maximum profits, we sometimes tend to forget the basic RnD while selecting the right service provider. Using the services of the unlicensed firm is illegal in Dubai. Hence, it is essential to check the license of the organization and the qualifications and experience of the experts in the consultants firm.
Vat consultants in dubai
Some of the Major VAT Compliance Services Offered by VAT Consultants in Dubai-

VAT compliance services offered by VAT consultants in Dubai have an array of factors covered. These services include evaluation of the source documents and their customization. VAT consultants also offer the service to bring tax matters to the federal tax authorities and give advice about client clarity on these authorities’ notifications. Above these, most importantly VAT consultants give the service of ensuring that the VAT returns and the reconciliations are submitted on time. Along with this, they also review these VAT records and the reconciliations which in turn become the further steps for an organization to run smoothly.

The VAT Advisory Services-

VAT consultants also provide VAT advisory services other than VAT compliance services. These services are for the further planning of an economy. These VAT advisory services are for an understanding of how an organization should function. The VAT advisory services include distinctive analyses on whether an organization should register the VAT as an entire tax group or a single entity. These services also include the applicability affiliated with the reverse charge mechanisms used for imports. Since the VAT advisory services offer the building of foundations for an organization, they also include the provision of VAT training and awareness workshops for the working team.

VAT Registration in Dubai-

There are regulations and guidelines based on which the process of VAT functions in Dubai. An organization that has taxable goods and imports which are worth AED 375,000 and more, is required to register for VAT in Dubai. However, the organizations whose taxable goods and imports range from AED 187,500 and 375,000 can choose to make their registration applications for VAT. Lastly, the organizations whose taxable goods and imports are worth less than AED 187,500 do not require the registration for VAT in Dubai. Even though the process to get VAT registered in Dubai is simple and online, it is better to seek VAT consultations to get everything done right.

Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE-

The process of VAT registration demands documents that need to be applied during the process. These documents include a copy of the Emirates ID and passport of the owner and their partners, the article of association and the memorandum of association of the organization, a copy of the trading license, the contact, bank account and address information of the organization, monthly income statement as per FTA format, the nature of the organization along with the performance, and the expected turnover in the next month. Once these are submitted and reviewed, the organization gets the TRN number from the FTA.

RSN Consultancy is a professional Tax consultant in Dubai that deals with companies of all sizes and experience. We make sure that your organization is updated with all the changes in the VAT system. We support registration, deregistration of VAT, transitioning to VAT, filing VAT returns and refunds, due diligence, voluntary disclosure  etc.


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If you are searching for a good VAT consultant in dubai, keep in mind the above checkpoints. And we are sure when you speak to our experts, you will find all the above points ticked off. So without any further ado, contact us now to get a detailed breakup of the services we provide as the best VAT consultant in Dubai!


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