How to Get Audit Licence in UAE

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How to Get Audit Licence in UAE

How to Get Audit Licence in UAE

There is a high demand for accounting and auditing services in the United Arab Emirates. As one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding economies in the world, with an audit licence in Dubai, your company will be able to provide accounting services to other businesses.

It is thus important to understand the procedure for obtaining an audit license if you want to work as an auditor in the United Arab Emirates. 

In this article, we will explore the eligibility requirements for getting an audit licence, the major types of audit license, the registration process, and other insights into this profitable career path

Eligibility Criteria

Before setting out on your quest to get an audit licence in the UAE, It is crucial to satisfy certain eligibility conditions.

Below are the major requirements for eligibility:

  1. Educational Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in accounting, bookkeeping, finance, or a closely related discipline from an accredited college is required to be eligible for an audit licence. 
  2. Relevant Experience: The UAE demands that aspiring auditors have real-world experience in the industry. Candidates typically need to have worked as auditors for at least three to five years, ideally for a reputable auditing firm.
  3. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language is essential, as audits and financial reporting are frequently handled in English in the UAE. Little understanding of the Arabic language can also be beneficial for effective communication with local clients and authorities.

Note: In some circumstances, passing an exam in the UAE may be necessary for you to meet the requirements for obtaining an auditing licence.

Different Types of Audit Licences

To meet the unique demands of enterprises and industries, the UAE provides several different types of audit licences. The two major groups are:

  1. External Audit Licence: With this kind of licence, auditors can offer independent audit services to third-party clients, such as government agencies, private corporations and non-profit organisations. External auditors are essential in confirming financial statements and guaranteeing adherence to applicable laws.
  2. Internal Audit Licence: Internal auditors assess internal controls, risk management, and governance procedures within organisations. Companies that want to maintain an internal audit department often need this licence.

There are further specialisations within these broad categories, including financial audit, operational audit, IT audit, and forensic audit. 

Note: Selecting the right audit type that aligns with your business goals and objectives is essential.

Registration Process

Even though the procedure for getting an audit licence in the UAE can be complicated, with proper planning and preparation, you can get through it. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Partner with RSN Finance

Partnering with RSN Finance is the best idea if you are beginning an audit firm in Dubai. Our team of professionals will handle every facet of your business licence application and company formation on your behalf.

Step 2: Select your line of business

You must specify your line of business (business activity) as part of the application process. Be it auditing services, accountancy or tax consulting, you can only engage in the predetermined activities.

Note: A company is liable to face severe consequences from Dubai’s authority if it operates in the UAE without disclosing its pertinent business activity on the trade licence.

Step 3: Choose a name for the business

In the UAE, this requires a little more consideration than in other parts of the world. This is because the naming regulations in the UAE are rigid yet simple to follow. 

Avoid using names of well-known brands, obscene or profane words, and abbreviations when choosing your company name. Additionally, make sure that your desired name is available for registration.

Our team at RSN Finance can assist you in making sure you comply with these rules since we are experts in company formation.

Step 4: Select a business jurisdiction and setup 

Choose whether you want to start your auditing business in Dubai’s mainland or a free zone. There are many advantages for both business jurisdictions, including unique features that determines the company setup.

Free zones give you full authority and ownership of your business, straightforward incorporation process, continuous business support, including financial incentives like tax exemptions. But there can be other processes, like starting a branch, among others.

On the other hand, a mainland setup enables you to deal directly and without additional procedures with the UAE market. However, 51% of the company’s shares must be held by an Emirati national (a local sponsor).

Step 5: Apply for your audit licence 

After deciding on the ideal setup, outlining your activities, and picking the name for your business, you can proceed to submit an application for a business licence. 

You can submit an application for a professional services licence directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or to any of the UAE’s free zones.

Step 6: Submit a visa application

After submitting your application for a trade licence, proceed to apply for a UAE residency visa so you can live and work in Dubai. 

In most cases, you typically need to be a UAE resident to apply for an audit licence. A valid residency visa is thus required.

Step 7: Create a business bank account

The last step before you start trading is to open a corporate bank account for your audit company. 


The financial integrity of companies and organisations is vitally dependent on auditors.

If you want to achieve your objective of getting an audit licence in the UAE, start by fulfilling the requirements for eligibility, selecting the appropriate type of licence, and carefully completing the registration process.

Our team at RSN Finance can assist you if you are looking to get your company licence in the UAE, be it in a free zone or mainland jurisdiction. 

We handle everything, from visa applications to all essential administrative tasks, so you can focus on running your us 

RSN Consultancy Accounting & bookkeeping firm

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